Since 1929 A.E.I. DI PEREGO & C. has introduced and patented bells automation systems, installing over 5.000 bell plants and realising bell concerts of perfect quality, thanks to the use of high quality bronze and thanks to the chance to replicate, through the use of 3D scanner, the melting outlines of excellent Italian historical Foundries (first among all Barigozzi Foundry and Pruneri Foundry), keeping, therefore, its own role of leader in the sector, in Italy and abroad. More.

The Company produces and installs dampened steel frames, especially projected to meet clients requirements, bell automation systems technologically in the van and able to fill any local demand of sound, bell electronic timers able to pilot the whole plant in a simple and complete way. If necessary, timers can be remote cotrolled, through tablet, smart phone and personal computer, thanks to Apple or Android operating system.

Another excellent product of A.E.I. di Perego is represented by “electronic bells” that allow to digitally reproduce bell concerts and melodies with perfect musical chords. To complete the product range of the Company, there are electrostatic and mechanical bird proofing systems, lightening conductors for churches and bell towers to protect from atmospheric discharges and the inner steel or wooden stairs to the belfry.

Another exclusive A.E.I. patent is represented by the “motorised headstock” which includes, above the bell, the motor, the drive and the control systems, evoiding the wheel, the chain and the motor itself to be seen from outside; the headstock is particularly suitable and harmonious in the modern churches bell towers having simple design and bell gable; of course, it can be installed in any belfry.

A.E.I. di Perego business culture is focused on the client requirements meeting, to be fulfilled through the constant commitment in the activity of research and development and through the search of the “total quality” of the product; in 2008 A.E.I. di Perego was awarded the title of “Official Supplier of the Custody of The Holy Land” and all the bell plants of the Churches of Palestine and Israel have been committed to it.

Some installations made by AEI Perego across the world: 


  • Cantone Ticino – Svizzera -Parr. S. Giovanni
  • Grob – Umstadt – Glaser-Gewerbegebiet
  • Isola di Cos – Grecia – Bas. S. Nicola
  • Mriehel – Malta – G.S.C. Co. L.T.D.
  • Melide – Svizzera – Parr. S. Quirico
  • Morbio Superiore – Cantone Ticino – Svizzera – Parr. S. Giovanni Apostolo Evangelista
  • Mostar Teretna – Jugoslavia – Intersped Mostar – Za Arvatsko Katoliko
  • Kamien Slaski – Polonia – Saint Jacek’s Sanktuarium
  • Scutari – Albania – Don Gioovanni Fiocchi
  • Sliema – Malta – Tancred Magri Late A. Busuttil & Co


  • Huacho – Perù – Catedral S. Bartolomé ApÓstol
  • Lima – Perù – Basilica Santuario de Maria Auxiliadora
  • Brasile – Parr. di Barra Do Corda
  • Montes Altos – Brasile – Missioni Padri Cappuccini
  • Portoviejo – Equador – Arquidiocesis de Portoviejo
  • Santa Cruz – Bolivia – Solaris Mons. Tito
  • Antigua – West Indies – St. John’s Development Co.
  • Punta Arenas – Tierra del Fuego Cile – Parroquia Maria Auxiliadora
  • Sololá – Guatemala – Nuestra Señora de la Asunción


  • Addis Abeba – Etiopia – Segretariato Cattolico
  • Asmara – Eritrea – Social Welfare Centre
  • Bandon – Surathani – Catholic Foundation of Surathani
  • Daloa – Costa D’Avorio – Paroisse Christ
  • Doumè – Cameroun – Charles Faisandier
  • Guezira – Cairo – Egitto – Lucien Basile Bichara
  • Kinshasa – Zaire – Missionaires de la Consolata
  • Younde – Cameroun – Consolato del Cameroun
  • Rwanda – Santuario Madonna di Kibeho
  • Bouar – Rep. Centraficana – Mission Catholique Peres Carmes


  • Gerusalemme – Getsemani – Israele – Convento dell’Agonia
  • Bangkok-Thailand – Salesian Foundation
  • Betlemme-Israele Basilica Natività
  • Bir Zeit – Israele – Immaculee Conception
  • Ein Karem – Jerusalem 
  • Israele -St. John Church
  • Gerusalemme -Israele -Patriarcato Latino
  • Gerusalemme – Israele – Convento S. Salvatore
  • Gerusalemme – Israele – Parr. S. Sepolcro
  • Monte Tabor – Israele
  • Gerusalemme – Israele -Parr. S. Stefano – Ecolè Biblique Francaise
  • Kretinga – Lituania – Mazesniuju Broliu Ordinas SV
  • Manila – Filippine – Cesare De Santis Superior and Parish P.
  • Manipur – India – Don Bosco
  • Nazareth – Israele – Parr. S. Maria
  • Nazareth – Israele – Parr. S. Giuseppe
  • Makati Rizal – Filippine – Parr. S. Ildefonso
  • Ramleh – Israele – Convento S. Nicodemo
  • Taichung – Taiwan – Shye Yuan Co. L.T.D.
  • Tokio – Giappone – Sumikin Bussan Corporation
  • Tokio – Giappone – Jas Forwarding Japan Co. L.T.D.
  • Tosu – Giappone – Madonna della Lacrime
  • Tashkent – Uzbeckistan – Subsidiary Enterprise “Ost-West-Azja”
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