AEI Perego is able to offer frameworks designed based on the exact dimensions measured on the site and consisting of a single, completely self-supporting structure. In fact, the whole complex must be sufficiently rigid to render useless any connections at the hinge level to the load-bearing wall structures of the belfry; the insertion of shock absorbers of a size and number calculated on the basis of the combined static and dynamic thrusts ensures the almost total abatement of vibrations due to the impact of the striker on the bell during ringing and of the countershocks caused by the action of the brakes when the bells are locked in the so-called “cup” position during concerts, as well as caused by the actions of the strikers during “carillon” ringing. Moreover, this configuration reduces the combined horizontal thrust by 50-60%. An AEI Perego framework with these characteristics, guarantees the nearly total sound insulation of the system during operation, and especially eliminates the possibility of induced damage to the structural walls over time.

In addition, where the space inside the belfry is limited, the use of the MOTORIZED BELL YOKE CM.81 patented by AEI Perego allows optimizing the available space. In any type of belfry, from the most common and traditional on a more or less regular geometrical plan, to more modern ones, designed and constructed according to the canons of the most advanced architecture, the MOTORIZED BELL YOKE CM.81 simplifies the designers work since he does not have to calculate the spaces necessary for the wheels, the relative chains and the motor housings. Also, because the shock is absorbed at the hinge, there are costs savings compared to the greater cost of building a framework that is completely damped at the base.

AEI Perego not only designs frameworks for completely new installations in any type of bell tower, but is also capable of damping existing frameworks and making them self-supporting, as long as they are still in good condition, without the need to make large modifications, by inserting highly efficient, long-lasting mechanical-action shock absorbers using safe, well-tested techniques.

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