Tower clocks

AEI Perego’s experience in this sector allows the company to create tower clocks of any size, to be installed in bell towers or public buildings.

AEI Perego can build clock faces of any size, with single sections up to 2 meters in diameter and sectors for diameters of over 2 meters. The dials are constructed entirely of Perspex, a strong resin that is resistant to the weather and pollution.

The clock hands are made from anodized aluminum that has no need for maintenance and offers the additional advantage of greater strength and, oven-treated, can be of a classical type, constructed to order or reconstructed based on the original models.

As for the numbers, both Roman and Arabic numerals are available in either bronze or anodized aluminum.

AEI Perego has also performed a great deal of restoration work on existing clock faces, from time to time, in each case using the most suitable solution. The plaster has been restored and the bronze or aluminum numbers applied directly to the wall, with hands prepared from the original models.

A programmer clock, called the pilot, transmits impulses to the clock’s servomotor in the tower, which in its turn produces the movement of the hands on the face of the clock.

The striking of the bells is regulated by the programmer, which transmits impulses to the general electrical panel, which activates the electro-strikers positioned on the load-bearing framework of the bells in proximity to a point of maximum thickness, most of the time the first and third bells.

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